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Siina tool by Bihogo
siina by bihogo

SIINA are Ankole long horn cattle with long white horns though there are those that are hornless. Their eyes, nose and ears are small . They are tall with long legs, have long navels and small humps with different shades of brown and others have different colour patterns.

Who Needs A Business Plan?

Startups/New Businesses

Existing Businesses

What about Freelancers?

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Executing Your Business Plan as a Freelancer

Marketing & Sales

  • How will you reach your target audience?


  • How will you present yourself to customers?
  • How do you want them to think of the goods you sell or services you offer in relation to competitors? (e.g. price).


  • How will you cover your costs?
  • What is the market rate for your goods and/or services?
  • Where are your profit centers?
  • Upfront charges, maintenance or contracts over time?




Black Supremacy, Creative Design

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Bihogo Partners

Black Supremacy, Creative Design

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